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Who's Who in Oz
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Who's Who in Oz

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“The Happiest Who’s Who Ever Written” –(Original advertising slogan for book in 1954.) Who’s Who in Oz, originally published in the 1950’s, is an illustrated index of nearly every character that ever appeared in the first 39 Oz books. Who’s Who in Oz is wonderful in its scope and reach. Author, Jack Snow, did a remarkable job gathering these characters together and his descriptions, or as he calls them “ informal introductions to over six hundred and thirty Oz characters- people, animals, and creatures- with hints on the parts they play in the thirty-nine Oz books,” show a foremost Oz scholar, and excellent writer at work. Each character description also has a reference telling you the first page on which this character appeared, and in which Oz book. There are many black and white illustrations, by John R. Neill, Frank Kramer and “Dirk”, that give us a delightful glimpse into the truly amazing, imaginative world of Oz.

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